South Africa // Landscape Photography

I often find it helpful to set an intention or a goal for your trips. They can be complex or easy – but this time around I set the simple goal of finishing all five rolls of film I had on me over the course of the three week trip to South Africa. I almost managed it, but ended up with a handful of photographs left on the last roll.

I think this goal was very useful in creating a mindset as it got me out and about actively looking for photographs. I made it a point to carry my camera with me everywhere I went, just in case I came upon an image. Often I’d be out during the middle of the day so, if the light wasn’t right, then at least I knew I had a composition to revisit. Also, because I had more film than I would typically use over that period of time (usually, I only use 1-2 rolls/month), it made me more relaxed and opened up my creativity to compositions I wouldn’t normally photograph. Overall, it was a highly productive trip and I came away with a set of photographs that I really love.

Below are my favourite photographs from the trip. The first five photographs below are shot with my Nikon D750, and the rest are with my Yashica 124G on Ilford Delta 100 and 400. These films are relatively new to me but it’s safe to say that they are firmly some of my favourites. I was initially worried about their dynamic range. However, after using them in a wide variety of lighting conditions from overcast to backlit, as long as you expose correctly they perform extremely well. I enjoy their grain structure especially in the 120 film format as it blends well with my digital work.

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