Iceland 2018 Zine

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Iceland Zine 2018 // £21.99

My Iceland 2018 zine is a small 50-page 7″ x 7″ perfect bound booklet telling the story of my 2018 trip to Iceland. It contains 38 of my favourite images, black and white and colour, from the 8 day journey across the southern coast. It was an amazing experience in such a diverse, wild, and beautiful country. I used digital and 35mm film cameras throughout the trip, both of which have been included. The spreads are all printed on 148gsm premium lustre paper.

Purchase via Blurb above.

I have really enjoyed the process of making this zine (a small, usually inexpensive, photo book). It’s been exciting, fun, and a great learning process. I have found immense value in the printing process itself, something I’m trying to do more often as I have noticed photo books and galleries becoming more frequent sources of inspiration. It’s so nice to see my photographs in a tangible format, rather than on a screen. The process of going through multiple layout designs, individual image edits, and getting to grips with the experience of viewing a physical photo book is something I would encourage everyone to experiment with. In the end, I chose a simple layout that gives emphasis to the photographs and hopefully Iceland itself, as it is such a beautiful, magical place.

There are only 50 editions available (the first ten of which will be signed). I’ve tried to keep the price down, but still provide as premium product as possible. They are £15 (UK) and £17 (International) each including shipping. Also, I’ll also be giving 3 copies away for free – head over to my Instagram and check out the latest post to get involved!

Please consider purchasing a copy above, in my print store, or email me for enquiries at

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One thought on “Iceland 2018 Zine”

  1. This is really beautiful publication and not only want one to keep for myself but can’t wait to give it as a gift to my Icelandic friends.

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