Iceland’s South Coast (Part 3) // 35 mm

A quick and final post with some 35mm film from Iceland. It was all shot on my favourite colour film Kodak Ektar 100 (FYI: this is an affiliate link) using a fixed manual focus 50mm f/1.8 AIS lens. While most of my photography is black and white, I couldn’t resist shooting Iceland’s vibrant mossy mountains in colour. Enjoy!

Side note: pixel peeping through some of the images in Lightroom, I think the lens may need a calibration as the infinity focus seems to be just a little bit off. Maintaining equipment is not just part of using old film equipment, but something that photographers should try to do as much as possible with all of their kit. A good starting point is simple lens care – learn how to properly clean your front and back elements with a rocket air blower, lens pens/brushes, optics cleaner, and microfibre cloths. I do this at least once a month depending on the conditions my gear is exposed to (sea air is very salty for instance, while a trip to the desert will get sand everywhere).

Iceland Ektar 100-1

iceland ektar 100-6iceland ektar 100-5iceland ektar 100-3iceland ektar 100-4iceland ektar 100-2iceland ektar 100-1

Iceland Ektar 100-3Iceland Ektar 100-2Iceland Ektar 100-4

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